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Owner FAQ

  • What separates Beach Reunion from the competition?
We are a Boutique Rental Company Serving Property Exclusively on Scenic Gulf Drive and areas surrounding Highway 98. We manage property in Frangista Beach, Destiny East and West, Crystal Beach, and the exclusive east end of the Scenic Highway. Beach Reunion will remain a small company offering a competitive and individualized management program. 
  • How is your relationship with your owners?

    Beach Reunion maintains a very close relationship with each of its owners. Having started as an owner investor, we understand what is important to you. We work to keep you informed and up to date on every aspect of your rental.
  • How do you handle the transition from other companies?  We will work with your present company to make the transition a smooth and seamless process.  
  • How often do you pay your owners? Beach Reunion pays its owners by the 5th day of each month.
  • What are my startup costs to get on your program? We do not assess startup charges.  
  • Can I track my rentals and statements? Beach Reunion has a reservation system that allows owners to check their rental at any time. You can monitor bookings and view your monthly statements. 
  • Do you charge owners for credit card fees? No, never this comes from our management fee. 
  • How does your maintenance program work? At Beach Reunion we will change your filters, replace light bulbs and batteries at no cost to the owner. You only pay for the cost of the material used. Our maintenance crew will respond quickly to guest's needs and have a van fully stocked to handle many repairs. 
  • Do owners pay the cleaning fee for guest? No, this is included in the rental of the property. 
  • What do you do during the off season to inspect properties and keep them in good shape? During the off season Beach Reunion will inspect your property and provide you with a list of repairs needed to keep your property in pristine condition including any upgrades that might be needed to receive top dollar for your rental.
  • Who handles the landscaping and pool maintenance? Beach Reunion contracts with local pool companies to maintain all of our pools. We pay them monthly and pass the monthly charge on to you. We will manage your landscaper or furnish one for you. 
  • Do owners pay for pool heating? No 
  • How does your linen program work? All of our homes are required to have two sets of linens. They all go into our linen pool and are provided clean after each turn. We use a higher quality of sheets than most companies and pass the cost directly to you with no markup. 
  • What is your marketing program strategy?

    We have a full-time Marketing Director who coordinates our advertising. We place your property on over 9 different websites at no additional charge to the owner. These sites include VRBO, Homeaway, Vacation Rentals, Vacation Home Rentals, Flipkey, Tripadvisor, Beachhouse, Gulf Coast Rentals and Finest Vacation Homes. We actively promote our company and your property on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • How do you choose which property to promote to a caller? Usually a guest calls about a specific property from our advertising. If that property is booked then we try to refer them to a similar property that is open.