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Our team at Beach Reunion, LLC understands your concern on traveling during these times and we are taking the Coronavirus/COVID-19 threat very seriously. We are actively adhering to CDC guidelines for sanitizing and securing our rental homes, those guidelines are outlined below: 

CDC Guidelines for Sanitizing/Coronavirus Policy

Our staff is working to find the best solution for all of our guests and homeowners during this time as these are uncharted waters for the panhandle as a whole. In this rapidly changing situation, we are experiencing a very high call and email volume in office, including requests to cancel due to a variety of reasons. We do ask for your patience as some response times are within 5-7 business days. We’ve also been asked several questions on what is happening locally on our beaches and we will do all we can to keep you informed.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

Beach Reunion has approved anyone with a future reservation to change their dates for anytime in 2020 or 2021.

*If your party needs to speak to someone in our office about an existing reservation, please note that we'd like to speak to the person whose name is ON the booking to prevent miscommunication*

Due to the current situation with the Coronavirus, we urge all our guests who are scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks to change your dates if possible.  We will offer a 100% credit on your current reservation and apply it towards a future reservation.                                               
(Please note that rates are typically higher during summer peak season.)

Beach Reunion guests are eligible for refunds of their 1/3rd deposit per our standard cancellation policy as always, if cancelled outside of 90 days. If your reservation dates fall outside of 90 days prior to your arrival, you will receive a full refund of the rent, minus the $274.00 Cancellation Fee.

• Cancelling a reservation with an arrival date that falls between 60 and 90 days prior to your arrival date will result in the loss of the down payment.

• Those wishing to cancel their reservation inside 60 days prior to their arrival, after exhausting all other options, will be reviewed by management and responded to as quickly as possible. Anyone requesting to cancel their reservation, MUST send an email stating the reason you are not able to change your dates, and the circumstances as to why your group needs to cancel.


Travel Insurance Questions/Third Party Booking Site Information

• Travel insurance will cover anyone who has a confirmed diagnosis of the virus, or a documented quarantine.

For all travel insurance claims, please contact Red Sky at (866) 549-5283.

If you made your reservation, and purchased Travel Insurance through VRBO, please contact them directly at: (888) 640-7927.


With that being said, we are working with a lot of people on a case by case basis. Those who are not arriving in the next 30 days, we ask that you check back with us at a later date before cancelling your reservation, so we know what the current situation is at that time. The choice to travel is a decision that we leave with the guest and ask that everyone take health precautions as usual and keep their group safe and well.


For travel updates in our area, please click on this link:

VRM Intel Article on How the Panhandle Property Management Companies are Dealing with COVID-19

Please let us know if you have any further questions, we are here to provide the best customer service as possible to you as you are a vital part of our operation and we appreciate your support. We are just as ready as our guests to have you back on the beach VERY soon, please keep you and your loved ones safe and HEALTHY.