Learn 5 Science-Based Tricks to Enjoying Your Vacation to the Max

#1: Planning May Be One of the Best Parts

Anticipation accounts for a major chunk of happiness. One study on vacationers found that happiness started before the vacation itself. When you think about the fun you’ll be having, you feel much of the same joy that the vacation itself will bring. The difference is that it can last a lot longer. So pick the dates for your vacations well in advance, and revel in day-dreaming about what you’ll do.

#2. Do New Things

In his TedX talk on “the nature of time”, former Olympic speed skater John Coyle mentions that when we were 7 years old, summer seemed to last forever. Now, not so much. So how can we make time slow down? For a 7-year-old all is new, and time goes slowly as the brain processes all these new adventures. Adults stick to routines and repetition. A vacation is a great opportunity to plan new experiences such as jet-skiing, parasailing, going to crab island, etc.

This will increase how long you perceive your vacation to be, making it more enjoyable.

#3. Fill Your Vacation With People You Like

Researchers who asked people to report their moods through the day, found that one of the biggest factors determining happiness was interacting with people you like. Let’s face it. There is nothing worse than going on a trip with a few family members that stress you out. Bring more people! This will give you more options of people to interact with. There is nothing more fun than a big mansion full of close friends and family close to the beach in Destin.

Bring people that you relate with. People that make you laugh and make your vacation more enjoyable. You and your close friends and family can break off from the group and do your own thing. Also, when you split the house cost with everyone, it can become even more workable.

#4. Share the Burdens While on Vacation

There was a satirical story two years ago called “Mom Spends Beach Vacation Assuming All Household Duties In Closer Proximity To Ocean.” It’s funny because it’s true, and unfortunately, it’s a recipe for Mom (and Dad) to feel pretty mixed about vacations. Cleaning and childcare are inevitable if you’ve got little ones, but make sure you build in some downtime as well. Bring Grandma, Grandpa, brothers, and sisters along so you can all take turns cooking, cleaning, and looking after the kids. Everyone deserves to relax on vacation.

#5. Focus on What YOU Want

Sometimes we focus on making sure everyone else is enjoying their vacation – while neglecting what WE want. You deserve to have an enjoyable time as well. Make a list of what you want and enjoy on vacation. Take 10 minutes to daydream about what an enjoyable vacation looks like to you. What do you imagine yourself doing? Do you imagine yourself jumping the waves out in the gulf while on wave runners with a few friends and family? Or do you imagine yourself relaxing quietly; sipping on a margarita under a beach umbrella with a picnic? Everyone will have a different vision. Get yourself excited about your ideas and make sure to let them come to pass while on vacation.

-Your Beach Reunion Family