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Weddings and Receptions



Concierge Services
Once your reservation has been made, our concierge, Carrie Monroe, will go above and beyond to help answer questions about both your ceremony and reception. She also has a preferred vendors list which greatly helps the couple with their planning. Although not a wedding planner, Carrie is very knowledgeable about the area, including which permits are needed and which beach accesses to utilize for your big day! Contact Carrie via email at [email protected]

To View Our Wedding Homes, Please Click the Following Link: Beach Reunion Wedding Homes


Check out the video below to view an example of just one of the many weddings we host in our homes! This particular event was held in our beautiful Venetian Palace luxury home!


Wedding Planner

Looking For a Wedding Planner? Beach Reunion and Destin Wedding Company have teamed up to assist you with all your wedding needs! If you decide to use Destin Wedding Company as your planner, and reserve a beach reunion home, we will help to get you all the information on the home and help you book it! Click the link below to contact Destin Wedding Company for more information!

Destin Wedding Company