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9 Incredible Things to Do in Miramar Beach

Nestled in Florida’s exquisite Emerald Coast, Miramar Beach is a fusion of historic charm and modern allure, offering a range of breathtaking Miramar Beach activities to explore. While retaining its timeless grace, this hidden gem of the Florida Panhandle also caters to contemporary tastes with a blend of exciting and relaxing activities.

Selecting the right blend of adventures and leisure is crucial to experiencing the very best of what to do in Miramar Beach. Whether you’re here to unwind at peaceful spots or seek adrenaline-pumping activities at various Miramar Beach adventure spots, crafting the perfect itinerary can transform your vacation into a trove of cherished memories.

Let’s dive right in and unravel the rich tapestry of adventures that Miramar Beach has in store for you.

Must-do Daytime Activities in Miramar Beach

Relaxing in Miramar Beach

Planning your activities in Miramar Beach, Florida, can be overwhelming with so many options available. Whether you’re looking to connect with nature, indulge in local cuisine, or dive into watersports, our guide has got you covered.

Dive into the Crystal-clear Waters of Miramar Beach

Start off your adventure at Miramar Beach by immersing yourself in the heavenly waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Imagine the sensation of the temperate waves splashing your feet as you wade deeper into the crystal-clear waters. Here, the Gulf greets you with open arms, inviting you to a swimming experience unlike any other, promising serenity and rejuvenation with every dip.

Sandcastle Building on the Pristine Beaches

Unleash your inner architect with a day of sandcastle building, a beloved activity that suits all ages. The white-sand beaches offer the perfect canvas to create your sandy masterpiece, with naturally sculpting material right at your feet. Don’t forget to carry the right tools – a simple bucket and shovel can work wonders.

Jet Ski or Kayak Adventures

Miramar Beach boasts numerous reliable companies offering jet ski and kayak rentals for your sea adventures. Whether you’re looking to rush through the waves on a jet ski or prefer a calm kayak journey to explore the shoreline, there’s something for every kind of adventurer. 

Some local jet ski rental companies in Miramar that are highly rated for their services include Blue Crab Water Sports of Destin, Sunshine Watersports Destin, Gilligan’s Watersports, Xtreme H20, Sandestin’s Baytowne Marina and Luther’s Pontoon. While some of these rental companies let you borrow the usual array of jet skis and kayaks, some even have special dolphin tours, parasailing options, or even a 14-person double-decker pontoon to rent for the day! 

Choose from various routes to explore the vibrant ecosystem of Miramar Beach. You could trace the coastline, discover secluded coves, or venture further into open waters to discover what lies beyond the horizon.

State Park Visits

Visit a State Park 

When considering what to do in Miramar Beach, visiting the state parks is a must. Topsail Hill Preserve State Park dazzles with its white quartz dunes and over three miles of secluded beaches. Nature enthusiasts will find a haven in its rich biodiversity, housing various rare and endangered species.

Photo taken from Henderson Beach State Park

On the other hand, Henderson Beach State Park offers equally mesmerizing views, with its boardwalks overseeing the emerald waters. It’s an excellent spot for picnicking with family and enjoying the natural playground it provides.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park is a 15 minute drive to the east of Miramar Beach while Henderson Beach State Park is just 11 minutes away to the west of Miramar Beach if you take a car. Both these state parks are popular for their dunes and majestic views. Visitors require a day pass to access the parks. You can get a pass for state parks in Florida online.

Golfing Experiences

For the golf enthusiasts looking to practise their swing while in Miramar Beach, check out the area’s multiple golfing options. Some golf courses worth visiting are The Golf Garden of Destin, which offers a family-friendly experience, while the Burnt Pine Golf Club caters to the seasoned golfer looking for a challenge. Other popular golf courses in the vicinity of Miramar Beach include Indian Bayou Golf & Country Club, Regatta Bay Golf & Yacht Club and Emerald Bay Golf Club. All these golf courses are less than a 15 minute drive away from Miramar Beach!

Best Fishing Spots 

Try catching your dinner at one of Miramar Beach’s popular fishing spots. From shore fishing to chartering a deep-sea excursion, the options are abundant. Locals often recommend spots like The Choctawhatchee Bay. The bay experiences a daily dance of freshwater and saltwater mingling, making it a haven for diverse fish species. While it’s known for its Speckled Trout and Striped Bass, anglers can also reel in Redfish, Grouper, Flounder, and Spanish Mackerel.

Shop Til’ You Drop

Miramar Beach offers a delightful range of shopping experiences for visitors. This coastal town boasts a mix of unique boutiques, upscale outlets, and popular shopping centers. The Silver Sands Premium Outlets is a must-visit, where shoppers can find a variety of top brand names and discounts. 

Meanwhile, The Market Shops provide a selection of local vendors selling artisanal products, souvenirs, and specialty goods. Whether you’re looking for trendy beachwear, souvenirs, or just a day of retail therapy, Miramar Beach has something for every shopper.
Additionally, why not dive into the local culture by exploring our handpicked boutiques and art galleries. Get a sense of the local art at The Zoo Gallery, or find that perfect beach outfit in one of the many chic apparel stores.

Evening Activities in Miramar Beach

As the sun sets, Miramar Beach reveals another side of its charm. The vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine, and serene beach views offer a unique experience that’s hard to match. From dining at the best beachside restaurants to dancing the night away, here’s how to make the most of your Miramar Beach nights.

Image via Flickr by Phil Horton

Dining at Beachside Restaurants

Dining in Miramar Beach is an experience of indulgence with many beachside restaurants. Savour fresh seafood dishes with specialties like Gulf-to-table red snapper while enjoying a sunset view. The following are some of our recommendations for places to grab a nice dinner in Miramar:

  • Amici Trattoria: For evergreen Italian food that never disappoints, Amici Trattoria is one of the best Italian restaurants in the area well known for its service and trustworthy flavor.
  • La Carreta Miramar: Florida’s close proximity to Cuba ensures that a good Cuban eatery is never too far away from you in Miramar. At La Carreta, you are guaranteed to find the old Cuban’s family dining tradition of “abuela style” food waiting to welcome you. 
  • Miga’s Steakhouse: Look beyond popular chains like Texas Roadhouse and Outback Steakhouse and you will find the local gem that is Miga’s Steakhouse. This Latin American restaurant features some of the best steak in the area and will surely keep you coming back for more!
  • Maxi Arepa: Looks can be deceiving and this holds especially true when you first set your gaze at Maxi Arepa. This counter-serve fast-food place dishes out some fabulous arepas. If budget Venezuelan food is what you are seeking during your night out in Miramar, this is the place for you!

Enjoying the Nightlife

When the sun sets, Miramar Beach becomes a vibrant nightlife hub. The Village Door at Seascape is one of the area’s most popular nightclubs, known for its live music and energetic crowd. Whale’s Tail Beach Bar & Grill offers patrons stunning beachfront views along with a lively atmosphere. 

Meanwhile, Cuvee Kitchen + Wine Bar provides a sophisticated environment for those seeking fine wines and gourmet dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for dancing, relaxing by the beach with a cocktail, or enjoying upscale dining, Miramar Beach has something to offer.

Best Day Trips from Miramar Beach

Destin: The town of Destin is nestled right next to Miramar Beach and is your go-to when you want action and activities without going far. Destin is a major tourist center and attracts travellers from around the globe. There is plenty to see and do when you holiday in Destin!

Gator Beach: Gator Beach is another major tourist attraction that attracts reptile lovers from all across the world. It is a one-of-a-kind alligator park that offers a unique adventure experience to its visitors. It is home to hundreds of alligators and you can even feed live alligators or hold one in your hands! The best part? Entry to the park is absolutely free of charge!

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A vacation in Miramar Beach is the perfect way to take in the feels of a classic coastal enclave. With its scenic beach roads, surf shops, fabulous food, chic beachfront houses and unparalleled views of the Gulf of Mexico, this town has a lot to offer! If you are looking for a terrific place to stay, be sure to check out our incredible list of Miramar Beach vacation rentals. We have options for just about everyone! 

Does Our List of what to do in Miramar Beach have you travel planning?

A vacation in Miramar Beach is the perfect way to take in the feels of a classic coastal enclave. With its scenic beach roads, surf shops, fabulous food, chic beachfront houses and unparalleled views of the Gulf of Mexico, this town has a lot to offer! If you are looking for a terrific place to stay, be sure to check out our incredible list of Miramar Beach vacation rentals. We have options for just about everyone! 

FAQs about What to do in Miramar Beach

Does Miramar Beach have an airport?

While Miramar Beach doesn’t have its own airport, the VPS Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport and Panama City Beach Airport are two airports in close proximity to the town.

What is the best time to visit Miramar Beach?

For many, the best time to visit Miramar Beach is in April and May when the water is pleasantly warm and the crowds are small. You can also avoid the peak tourist season and prices if you travel to Miramar Beach in the shoulder season months.

Is Miramar Beach pet friendly?

Miramar Beach is pet friendly, but only within a two-hour window from 5 pm-7 pm. That said, this is only for people who live locally and carry the appropriate permit. At this time, short-term tourists cannot take their dogs to the beach nor have the ability to apply for a local permit.